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Security Cameras

Here at Alphatec, we use state-of-the-art Security Cameras for all of Our Installs. There are Many Options to choose from, Such as Face Detection, Smart Tracking, Full Color at Night, Motion Sensor, Thermal, License Plate Readers (LPR), Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ), Panoramic, and Much More to choose from. All our installs are fully integrated into your Business or Home and most importantly we link it all to your Phone for Remote viewing from anywhere in the world.


Our Professional Smart Network Video Recorders where the Cameras get plugged into are also the best the industry has to offer. Many different NVRs to choose from for your Business, Enterprise, Or Home. Our Professionals are trained and think that a Clean install is Key to all our installs. That's what makes Alphatec stand out, Our Clean Installs aside from our dedication and Customer Service. We also Provide High-End cables for all our Camera Installs from CAT6 to CAT7 Cable. Everything is Backup by Our 1 Year Warrant, Which means if anything was to happen in that year you are Fully Covered. 

New Installation
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