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Live Streaming & Sound

AlphaTec has Teamed up with Sound Trip USA for all Live Streaming, Audio & Sound, Lighting, and Design needs for your House of Worship, Event Venue, Club, or where you wish to get your system installed we will make it happen for you.

Audio & Sound: 

We Install and provide maintenance service of kinds of Audio equipment.


Lighting & Design:

we install a wide range of lighting features and create a diverse range of interior Designs.



For Installation purposes, Alphatec & SoundTrip is known for supplying high-quality LED / LCD Screens.


Stage Design:

We specialize in creating a stage design that aids in the creation of a conducive environment for whatever type of activity choose 


Alphatec & Soundtrip is an all-in-one, premier acoustic solution. We reduce stress and improve well-being in a multitude of spaces, From accommodation, Education, and institution, to retail and airport environments. Studies show when the acoustics in space improves so does productivity and communication.


Alphatec & Soundtrip is your last stop for renting High-Quality audio_Visual Equipment at a Reasonable price for any type of event.  

Live Streaming Cameras:

We specialize in Live Streaming Camera Install. Stream your Services Live so everyone around the world can connect to see your Live.

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