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Networking & Voice Over IP Phones

Alpahatec knows nowadays it's very important to have a very Dependable and Strong network infrastructure. Our day to day activities depend on our internet Speed & Service and having an internet service that is slow or isn't strong enough to cover your needs is a very frustrating and Time Consuming situation,  especially if you work from home or your Business depends on it. Well worry no more,  We have the Solution to your Problem. We start by determining what the issue is, If it's something as easy as a  Router Upgrade or a Stronger Bandwidth Upgrade we will be in and out and get fixed. If it's something more intensive as installing Access Points we will Route everything for you and offer you multiple options to get you lighting fast internet and Coverage in every corner of your Home or Business. We also do full networking wiring for Keystones in wall for Office Computers, Printers, Servers, Smart TV, Confrensrooms as well. We know nowadays with all this advanced and new technology it comes with a risk of hackers but no worries we have you covered with state of the art Firewalls we can install in your Business or Home.

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