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Structural Wiring

Structured cabling infrastructure, also referred to as voice and data cabling or low voltage wiring, serves as the backbone of modern networks. It encompasses the copper or fiber wiring that interconnects various devices within a network, including computers, phones, security cameras, and wireless access points (WiFi). Moreover, these cables can deliver power to devices such as cameras, access points, phones, and LED lights, leveraging Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

Given the pivotal role of structured cabling in network functionality, selecting a proficient network cabling installer is paramount. At Alphatec, we prioritize excellence by utilizing top-tier products in our structured wiring solutions, all backed by manufacturer warranties. Our objective is to furnish clients with a robust physical layer infrastructure capable of supporting diverse applications in adherence to industry standards. By attentively listening to and understanding the unique needs of your business, we tailor comprehensive turnkey network and cabling solutions. Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond installation, as we provide full-service support throughout and after the implementation process. With Alphatec, rest assured your network infrastructure is in capable hands, fortified by quality products and unparalleled service.

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