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Structural Wiring

Voice and data cabling, structured cabling, low voltage wiring, network cables, These are all terms used for structured cabling infrastructure. Structured cabling is the copper or fiber wiring that connects each device to a network. These cables connect your computer, phone, security cameras, wireless access points (Wifi) to your local network. These cables can also provide power to devices, such as cameras, wireless access points, phones and LED lights, using power over ethernet (PoE) technology.


Since structured cabling infrastructure is the most critical part of every local network, choosing a qualified network cabling installer is a critical decision. We use high-end quality products in our structured wiring solutions, which include manufacturer warranties. Our goal is to provide our clients with a physical layer infrastructure capable of supporting all applications designed in conjunction with industry standards. By taking time to listen and study your business’s needs, Alphatec can install a complete turnkey network and cabling solution with full service and support during and after the installation

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